2013 Project Life – Week 6

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I’m in serious Project Life blogging catch-up mode now. I still can’t believe I’ve only posted my first 5 weeks of Project Life – eek, sorry folks! I assure you that I’m a lot further ahead in real life. I won’t pretend I’m up to date, but I promise I’ve done many more weeks than it appears 😉

This was another simple week using Project Life Olive Edition. The orange glow of the sunset in the top right photo of my daughter at the park inspired me to use the orange cards in Olive, and there aren’t too many, so I used the same card multiple times – I actually really like keeping it super simple, especially when it’s a gorgeous busy floral design. I went with the “rule” of using a lot of one colour (orange), about half that of a different colour (pink), and half that again of another colour (green). Olive is easy like that. I love using this design principle and find it makes the process of choosing colours that much easier.

PL 2013 06 Full

The left hand side: In week 6 I had only just start getting into Instagram. Gasp! I know. But I was having a particularly creative day one day that week, and as I looked down at my grapes, I suddenly had an idea for a Christmas project! I guess the silly season was still on the brain in February…

I was thrilled to be able to use the Olive ‘Recipe For…’ card for my husband’s birthday this week. The Adventure Time ‘Jake Cakes’ were a hit… the second time around – I burned the first batch so I then had to rush to make another in the afternoon and it meant we were nearly late for his birthday dinner … this is why I try to stay out of the kitchen 😉 You’ll notice I used the Olive ‘Who / What / Where / When’ card. To be honest it will probably the last time I use it, or at least that colour. It is just too faint unfortunately.

PL 2013 06 LHS

The right hand side: My trip to the park with Katie was a highlight of the week. Every now and then I have these moments of immense gratitude that she is my one and only daughter. She is already part of the “sisterhood” of women all around the world. I can’t wait to share umpteen zillion mummy-daughter moments with her for the rest of my life!

PL 2013 06 RHS

So there you have it… a super simple week of a single core kit, some alphas and a single chipboard heart. Becky would be proud that I’m implementing her memory keeping in its most basic form. Ok, I do know that the chances of her ever reading this are ridiculously slim… but hey if she does “Hi Becky, love your work girl!”

Side note: Olive is no longer being printed, so if you want it and you find it… snap it up quick!


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  1. Petra /

    Lovely Sandra. You are making the Olive look relaly lovely and I love all the hand written journalling. Well done I am sure Becky would love it too! x

    • admin /

      Thanks Petra. As you can see, I tend to keep it super simple and save my ’embellishing’ for my traditional scrapbooking layouts. It’s easy to do with the coordinating core kits (and it helps me save money too!)

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