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Be-you-tiful is fast becoming one of my favourite ‘words’. And this decorated 12×12″ canvas is one of my most treasured art pieces hanging in my home. I made it last July and it’s my own little reminder to just be myself, and that myself is enough. We are all unique. We are all beautiful.

The yellow BE YOU TIFUL is a t-shirt I found in Big W last year. Yup, I just adhered that baby right onto the canvas as my base. It took a while to get it down just ‘so’. Not at all helped by my slight OCD! In the end I used a staple gun on the back and sides, and hid all the staples by running black lace all around the edges of the canvas.


Before I even looked for the papers, I (eventually) found these gorgeous Glitz Design “Dance in Sunshine” epoxy stickers that really worked with the message I was trying to get across on the canvas.

“Love the life you have been given”
“Really be yourself”
“No matter what”

And the colours even matched my t-shirt – Perfect! So I also grabbed the coordinating papers to add some colour and layers. These aren’t typically colours that I normally work with, but the t-shirt only came in yellow, so I needed to broaden my horizons. The t-shirt colour was a little too lemon for the papers, and I really wanted to jazz it up a bit. So I dipped a paintbrush into my Gold Glimmermist and covered the whole t-shirt with loads of gold shimmer.

‘Be-you-tiful’ was such a personal message to me, so I really wanted to use a mirror, and found this gorgeous vintage one in a bead shop. At the time, mirrors weren’t readily available in scrapbook stores. I wanted the mirror to replace a photo, so that anyone who looks at the canvas sees their own reflection, and hopefully the message speaks to them also.


I found some gold sprays from a craft shop, and dug into my existing (large) stash of paper flowers (again misted with Glimmermist) to adorn and finish the canvas.


To be honest, I scoured my local scrapbooking shop for HOURS to find the perfect papers and embellishments. But I’m so glad I did. Some projects are worth every minute you spend searching for just the right products, and worth every cent you spend on them … including those that don’t even make it onto the final piece – which in my case, is inevitable. In this case, I don’t mind one bit 🙂



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