Tastes like Happy (Project Life 2013 Week 3)

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Week 3 was super fun as it led up to the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast. My first ever music festival (yes, I’m kinda ashamed to admit it at my age). Now the first thing I should mention is that I’m still waiting on my husband to do some journaling about BDO, hence the empty spots on the right hand side. Of course, the journaling card has been sitting on his desk since the end of January, but you all know how busy boys can be 😉 I don’t mind waiting though – there’s enough of my own handwriting in this album already and none of his, so it will be worth it when I get it.

It was a fabulous week, and I’m all for using design principles as a base for pages, and the bright colours and whimsical patterns help convey the energy. Now don’t go looking for this patterned paper in your stores, it is years old. But I do a little happy dance every time I get to use up papers from my stash, so you could imagine my delight in finishing this week! Without further ado, here’s the full spread (minus the insert).

The left hand side is simple, with some general photos from throughout the week. Not a hint of embellishment. Unless you count the blue patterned paper strips on the title card as embellishing? (I don’t). The photo of Baby O is something we do each month – him in a white shirt on a white sheet, with his age. Nothing fancy, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the results after 12 months 🙂 Those photos will also go into his album, likely as a double page 12×12″ layout.

The right hand side was dedicated to the Big Day Out. And that it certainly was… drama, fines, fun, boredom, traffic, older folk trying to enjoy some good music, but surrounded by rowdy and mostly misbehaved (drunk) young kids… just a regular ol’ music festival really! Oh, and who could walk past Noodle Box and not buy something when their sign says “Satay Chicken Noodles (tastes like happy)”?!
As I say, journaling is incomplete until I wait for my darling husband to scribble away. For now, it looks ok. Love me some colour 🙂 

Side notes:
1)  you know you’re old when Police smile when you walk through the entrance, and say to you “now don’t go crazy in there today guys hey?” with a wink…

I also popped a quick insert in, to house the lineup for the day, and the bands we watched. You know… so that in years to come, our kids can laugh about how “daggy” our music was. And then we can have a quiet giggle when they actually start getting into bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I’m convinced will be ageless for rebellious teens, just like The Doors, Nirvana etc.
I also included our tickets and armbands. Nothing fancy here – just a regular A4 plastic pocket from the office.


Finally, here’s the full spread with the insert. Love love love the colours of this week (I’m sure I must have mentioned that once or twice already?). And how quick can it come together, and yet still be striking by just using the right patterned paper?! Project Life at its core – simplicity, baby!

Materials used: BH PL Design A pocket page protectors, really old Rouge de Garance collection papers, old Pink Paislee alphas, a really old black arrow sticker.
As I mentioned, don’t go looking for any of these old items in the stores, but do go through your stash and find some fun stuff to use up!


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